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So take a minute or two — or ask a student — to sum up what occurred in Stage 3. Then place that in the context of the Big Picture.

“Dare to Disturb the Universe:” Be Fearless as a Student Teacher

All of a sudden, students know why they gave up their afternoon naps and came to section instead. STAGE 5 serves as a prelude to the next class. Give students an idea of what to expect at the next section and distribute any materials they might need. This is also the time to return work to students. The bulk of the time you spend preparing will be directed towards Stages 2 and 3, which form the core of any section meeting.

There are lots of things that TFs do to prepare for section, and the accompanying box presents a smattering of them.

If you teach a lesson and your students don’t seem to be “getting it,” what do you do?

But beware! Not only can over-preparing for class become an easy way to kill hours and hours of your week, it can also make students complacent by discouraging them from taking responsibility for preparing themselves for class. As always, you need to be perfectly explicit about what you expect from your students in terms of preparation and participation. In addition, you need to be perfectly explicit with yourself about how much preparation time is reasonable given what you want to accomplish in section and what other tasks you have to attend to.

The bright and open lobby features a welcome desk and numerous touchdown spaces for students and faculty from across the campus to work, collaborate, and engage in conversation.

A podcast online audio recording can help you communicate ideas, interviews and other content in an effective, readily accessible way. Podcasts are easy to record and can be downloaded to a mobile device such as smartphone or computer for convenient access any time. The Center for Teaching and Learning routinely assists members of the Yale community with individual instructional consultations and classroom observations. Skip to main content. Preparing for Class.

My Student Teaching Experience: Lessons Learned

Preparing For Class What does it mean to be prepared for class? Where to Start: A Five-Stage Game Plan for Section In general, being prepared for class has less to do with how much or how little time you spend preparing, and more to do with how well and how wisely you use that time. Getting them to contrast the views of two different authors? Teaching them a skill?

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Illustrating a problem? When Are You Done Preparing? The Types of Things that TFs Often Do to Prepare for Class Do the reading and problem sets Take notes on the material Review lecture notes for the week Prepare an outline of issues to cover in class Make a list of questions to use in class or write on the board Make a handout of topics to discuss in class Make a study guide to hand out Design a homework assignment or question for students to prepare for a future class Compile bibliographies or other outside information related to the material Assemble visual material Prepare slides, videos, dioramas of the first Thanksgiving okay, just kidding Prepare supplemental reading be stingy!

Prepare handouts on writing tips, research methods, problem solving, lab techniques, etc. Learning Commons The bright and open lobby features a welcome desk and numerous touchdown spaces for students and faculty from across the campus to work, collaborate, and engage in conversation. Providing students with opportunities to talk about bullying is an important part of making a positive change.

Year 4 Singapore Maths Model Lesson: Measuring Area - Maths — No Problem!

However, talking about bullying can also raise issues that schools may not have been aware of previously, or can sometimes lead to increased bullying for some students. All staff should be aware of how to respond to reports of bullying and that, where needed, support and appropriate intervention is available to everyone involved.

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You can download the lesson plans and the supporting materials from the National Day of Action pages. The lesson plans are:. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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