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The novel broke new ground in many ways, but its most famous characteristic is its use of a different literary genre or experiment for each chapter; one, for example, has no punctuation, while another is written as though it were a play. Postmodernism can be said to react to Modernist ideas, introducing new concepts such as the unreliable narrator and pastiche. Your email will not be shared and you can unsubscribe whenever you want with a simple click. February 12, at am. Plz recommend me a good book about history of English literature in which all the ages described precisely especially I want material about modern age..

March 13, at am. Hello, dear. There are many viz. December 29, at pm. June 21, at am. April 5, at pm. I just want to know the most I can about English literature. Please please suggest me some really nice books. March 18, at am. September 1, at pm. Could you suggest me a good book on the history of English Literature. Waiting for your reply…. May 17, at am. ORA: Thank you for the list, yet one could argue that given the major issues and problems facing the World today stem from human misunderstandings, then your list either ignores psychology or is all implicit psychology.

Do these volumes address the foundations for almost all of the critical topics today or would you recommend another list? Thank you, George. February 29, at pm. March 2, at am. Do get in touch if you have any further queries. February 4, at am. Sir would you do me a favour.. I am student of 1st year eng hons…. November 7, at am. Click here to cancel reply. You may be interested in these other courses:. Study in confidence with ORA's accredited, award-winning educational courses. Contact Login. Oxford Royale Academy is a part of Oxford Programs Limited, a company registered in England as company number The company contracts with institutions including Oxford University for the use of their facilities and also contracts with tutors from those institutions but does not operate under the aegis of Oxford University.

Comments Iqra February 12, at am. When it is brought, he reads it, rather than playing a game of chess or backgammon. The notable aspect of his place of sleep is that it is not wholly private; there is a servant there whom he can ask to bring him a book and there are people available with whom he could play a game—there is some potential for connecting with others in this space. When he dreams himself into a dream chamber, he finds himself in the middle of a riot of the senses: the sound of the birds singing is described in great detail, and the narrator tells us that the birds are sitting on the roof of his chamber, on the tiles, singing so that his chamber rings with their song.

The sun shines through the windows and through these stories to reach the narrator. For all the sound and light, there is also a sense of distance: the windows are all, shut and, we are explicitly told, there are no holes at all l. The sound and the light are being filtered through to the narrator—the room is connected with its surroundings—but the song and sunlight are separated from him by the roof, walls, and windows that are described so materially.

The tone changes when the narrator decides to leave the chamber. In a passage dense with active verbs and with the first person, he tells us:. The book-lined chamber has proved insufficient: he needs to go beyond the room, to talk to people as well as to read books, in order to find material for a poem and to develop his imagination. Imaginative and empathetic development takes place outside, in a place of wonder—and the very fact of change, of movement, is productive.

And, of course, at the end of the poem, the dreamer returns to his homely bed and book, just as the Black Knight retreats to his more formidable enclosure. These walled spaces of the mind have allowed only very limited mental change, only a little bit of interaction with other minds. The House of Fame does something different and more radical. The castle, like the walled enclosures and ivory tower of the Book of the Duchess , is an oppressive and closed-off space.

It is, of course, a place of random tyranny and oppression and, Geffrey emphasizes, a place where nothing inspirational can be found; it provides nothing new for him ll. His own room is initially described briefly simply as the place where he usually went to sleep—although the brief reference at this point to the patron saint of captives may also hint at the idea of oppressive enclosure. It is full of entrances, its roof has 1, holes, all the doors are wide open, they are not locked at night, there is no porter.

It is not made of rock or of precious stone; it is made of wickerwork, of twigs. This place—the place where new things can be found, where poetic inspiration does reside—is exceptionally open, pulsating, and dynamic. Like the mind itself, it is an ever-changing place, not a stable one, and, like the mind, it is dependent on its openness for its vigor Kinch If it is an image of the mind, the House of Rumor sets the mental sphere up as ever changing and intersubjective, in stark contrast to a fortified castle or locked chamber.

As neuroscientists tell us, the structure of the brain changes depending on how we use it; it is part of its environment, not a closed-off, stable construction Maguire et al. Similarly, the House of Rumor, in its defiant instability, is an engine room for change, creativity, and imaginative flexibility.

The movement toward more experimental and interconnected methodologies could also serve as a metaphor for recent critical moves, as scholars focus on cultural networks, collaborative authorship, intersubjectivity, animal studies, and ecocriticism. Contemporary Chaucer scholarship is deeply invested both in reconstructing the cultural assumptions and imaginative structures of the later fourteenth century and in thinking about Chaucer in relation to twenty-first-century concerns, whether these are theoretical, scientific, environmental, medical, social, or political.

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